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Our Mission:

''We strive to work together consistently for an empowered, enriched and brighter state of being''

Why do we need a health coach?

We live in a World where we have all the information we need at our fingertips. We can consult Doctors on mobile apps and we have access to learning exercises from online videos. Most of us live in fully equipped spaces with all the facilities required for basic means. Yet we struggle with making our life fulfilling. The reasons are clear, trying to constantly fit in the box takes a toll on us. It clouds our brain with deception thus thwarting us from clarity.

Our surroundings keep changing and so do we. The challenges that we face are as unique as we are. It is important to have our coping mechanisms ready. With a comprehensive approach, we will help you get equipped with the strategies that will help you deal with the curveballs that life throws at you.

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Why Orenda Holistic Healing?

Orenda is a catalyst that will help you at each stage. We bridge your dreams to reality. At Orenda after a thorough health assessment, we create special tailor made programs which will help you make life enhancing, sustainable changes that transforms you into a healthier and more empowered version of yourself. So shine on! And lets start living this wonderful journey called Life!

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Dr. Gauri Patil, Integrative Health and Wellness Coach
Founder - Orenda Holistic Healing.

I have always been very passionate about helping people beyond the traditional methods of treatments. After reading medicine, I underwent various trainings which has helped me get a deeper understanding of the human nature, whether at work place or socially. Whether it is helping elderly patients attain their health goals, new mothers trying to cope with the routine, health & nutrition coaches trying to design programs for their clients or corporates coaching, my purpose is clear- To make a difference in their lives by supporting them with the tools and strategies that are evidence based. Being exercise science enthusiast, I have also undergone personal training and nutrition courses.

I firmly believe that an integrative approach towards health is the need of the hour as it will reflect in the over all productivity. We at Orenda will help you gain equilibrium with your health for a more wholesome experience whether at work place or in personal life.

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